King Township Residents from A History of Toronto and County of York

Alfred Eastwood, druggist, deceased, Schomberg, was the son of Anthony Eastwood, who emigrated from England in 1844, and bought the property now in the possession of his widow. Alfred was born at Lloydtown in 1847, where in due time he received his education; afterwards attending the High School in Barrie. He acquired his diploma as Pharmaceutist from the Ontario College in 1871, and began business in 1874, having purchased the property, the size of the store being 16 x 36 feet. He was married in 1868 to Miss Caroline Thompson, daughter of Mr. William Thompson of Lloydtown, by whom he had four children as follow: Norman, born 1872; Blanche, born 1875; Paul, born 1879, and Alvin Clare, born 1883. He died January 15, 1885. (vol. II, p. 396)

J.B. Edwards, lot 21, concession 3, was born in England, in 1822, and came to Canada with his father, the late George Edwards, in 1837. The latter settled in King Township, and hired out for a few years. He subsequently bought lot 20, concession 2, where he lived until his death in 1880. J.B. Edwards, following the example of his father, worked out for a few years and bought his present farm in 1862. He was married in 1843 to Miss Ellen Lloyd, daughter of Norman Lloyd, by whom he has six children living: Elizabeth, Henry, Matilda, William, Fanny and Ira. In politics Mr. Edwards is a Reformer. (vol. II, p. 396)

Thomas Ferguson, part of lots 4 and 5, concession 2, is the son of John Ferguson of this township, and grandson of the late Thomas Ferguson, mentioned in another sketch. He was born at his father’s residence, lot 10, concession 3, and after receiving a Common School education he commenced farming, and also assisted his father to run the saw mill. He was married in 1875 to Miss Flora McCallum of King Township, and soon after moved to his present farm, which formerly belonged to his grandfather. The issue of this marriage is three children, viz: John S., Thomas L., and Peter E. He is a Presbyterian and a Reformer. (vol. II, p. 396)

Thomas Ferguson, deceased, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, where he learned the trade of weaver. He came to Canada in 1820, and soon after purchased land, lots 4 and 5 in concession 2 of King Township, where he worked at his trade and carried on farming at the same time. His farm was at first complete bush land, but by dint of hard work he cleared the greater part of it which he soon got into fine condition. He was very prosperous and acquired considerable wealth, and on his death in 1852 he left his widow and eight children in very comfortable circumstances. John, his eldest son, was born in New York City, while his parents were en route for Canada. He received a Common School education, and on commencing for himself in 1847 he bought the last part of lot10, concession 3, where he built a saw mill, which he has since operated. In addition he owns the west half of lot 13, concession 3. He takes a lively interest in political matters, being a Reformer. He is an adherent of the Presbyterian Church. He was married in 1848 to Margaret, daughter of George Stewart, an early settler in this township, who emigrated from the North of Ireland to Canada in the year 1823. He purchased lot 11, concession 4, on which he settled about 1828, and died in 1863. (vol. II, p. 396)

Thomas Ferguson, last parts of lots 12, 13 and 14, concession 3, the second son of the late Thomas Ferguson, the remainder of whose family constitutes the following: Margaret, eldest daughter, married to Walter Scott, residing in Aurora; Alexander, the third son, was born on Yonge Street, and is now living in Jasper County, Missouri; Hugh, the fourth son, was born in King Township, now living in the Township of Downie, Perth County; Catharine, the second daughter, was born in King Township, and is married to George Burrows, resides in Simcoe County; Mark L., born in King Township, and at present living on part of the old homestead; Mary S., youngest daughter, was born in King, and died at the age of twenty-three years. Thomas Ferguson was born near Thornhill in 1830. He had a Common School education, and since he began for himself has devoted his time to farming. He owns a good deal of land in the township. He married in 1847 Frances Wade of England, by whom he had ten children, six of whom only are living, viz: Thomas K., John H., Hugh, William, Elizabeth and Joshua. Mr. Ferguson is a Reformer in politics, and a Presbyterian in religion. John H. Ferguson, lot 18, concession 3, son of the above, was born in 1854 in King Township, and took possession of his present home in 1872. He married Miss McNaughton, of this township, their issue being three children: Ellen, Annie, and Mary F. In religion and politics his principles are in accordance with those of the family. (vol. II, p. 397)

John Fleury, lot 69, concession 1, is the son of Joseph Fleury, who emigrated from Lower Canada in 1810, and settled on the above mentioned lot, which he purchased in 1815. Mr. Fleury, sen’r, served during the War of 1812, and was at the Battle of York. On locating on the farm he went to work and cleared it, and after considerable trouble and labour placed it under a proper state of cultivation. His life was one of usefulness and consequent prosperity, and his death, which occurred in 1860, was much regretted by the neighbourhood. John Fleury was born on the old homestead which he inherited, in 1818, and after receiving a limited education, he commenced to assist his father in the work of cultivating the farm. His application, combined with industrious habits, secured for him a knowledge of all the details of agriculture, and evidently led to that prosperity which has been his deserving lot. During the Rebellion of 1837 Mr. Fleury’s strong Reform proclivities induced him to take up arms in the rash and adventurous policy which the actions of the Family Compact almost foced upon the impulsive William Lyon Mackenzie. Mr.Fleury was taken prisoner, and suffered confinement for a period. Our subject was married in 1840 to Esther Harman, daughter of William Harman; they had a family of sixteen children, ten of whom are still living, viz.: William, Obadiah, Alfred, John, Walter, Ira, Susan, Mary, Matilda and Diana. Mr.Fleury attends the Methodist Church. (vol. II, p. 397)

Gilbert Folliot, lot 6, concession 2, is a native of England, and was born in 1813, being the son of Jonathan Folliot. He was brought up to farming, and on coming to Canada in 1832, he settled in King Township, York County, where he purchased a tract of wild land which his enterprise and industry have changed into his present compact and well-tilled farm. He was married in 1833 to Miss Hall, likewise from England, who died in 1852. They had four children, three of whom are living, viz: James, Gilbert and Jonathan. He is a Presbyterian in religion, and belongs to the Reform Party. Mr. Folliot, although over seventy years of age, continues hale and hearty, and attends to his vocations with as much zest as ever, and the wish is that he may long be spared to enjoy the pleasures which are provided on earth for those whose lives are spent usefully and well. (vol. II, p. 398)

John Folliot, lot 6, concession 2, is the son of Thomas Folliot, sen’r, of this township, and was born on the old homestead in 1851. He was educated at the Common School, since which time he has followed farming, and has devoted his time and energies to the improvement of his farm and also to stock raising. He was married in 1880 to Miss Agnes Johnston, daughter of David Johnston, by whom he has one child, a daughter named Jennie Mary, born in 1881. He is a Presbyterian in religion, and a Reformer in politics. (vol. II, p. 398)

Thomas Folliott, undertaker and dealer in general house furnishings, was born on lot 6, concession 2, in King Township, being the son of Thomas Folliott, sen’r, of this section. He was born in 1842, and for a short time after leaving school followed farming. He subsequently learned the carriage making business under his brother, and then travelled in various lines of business for a number of years. In 1879 he built the store and residence which he at present occupies, and opened a furniture store, tinware and general house furnishing business, with which he combined that of undertaker, possessing all the requisties for conducting funerals in first-class style. He is also agent for the Royal A. Sewing Machine, manufactured in Hamilton. Mr. Folliott is a good business man, being enterprising, industrious and thoroughly reliable, qualities which insure success in life in any business. He has been twice married, first to Miss Hannah Draper, and secondly to Miss Turkington in 1879. He has three children, viz: W. Thomas, Edith H. and Sadie A. He belongs to the Presbyterian Church, and is a Reformer in politics. (vol. II, p. 398)

Charles Fry, lot 10, concession 8, was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1804, and emigrated to Canada in 1832. He located in King Township, York County, on lot 10, concession 8, and lot 11, concession 9, a considerable portion of which was then uncleared, and which has since been placed under good cultivation. He was married in 1837 to Miss Shrooks, daughter of Mr. William Shrooks, by whom he has seven children living, viz.: John, Henry, Thomas, James, Elizabeth, Mary, and Jane. Mr. Fry is a Conservative in politics, and a member of the Church of England. Henry Fry, lot 11, concession 9, is the second son of the above,and was born on the old homestead in 1851. He was married in 1879 to Miss Jane Addison, daughter of Mr. John Addison; they have two children, Charles A. and Mary Ethel. (vol. II, p. 399)

James Fuller, lot 17, concession 11, was born in England in 1824, and came to Canada with his father in 1831. His father Samuel Fuller, bought some bush land in King Township, but died about four years after his settlement. James was one of a family of six children, and as may be surmised from the condition of the country, he received but a meagre education. Although only about twelve years old when his father died, young James showed unusual energy, and adapted himself to the work of clearing the farm and making the home for his mother comfortable, which he succeeded in doing. In 1842 he purchased his present farm, which from its wildness had to have the same amount of labour spent upon it as the one which his father first located upon. He was married to Anna Jackson, by whom he has a family of seven children living. Mr. Fuller has now a very comfortable home which he is able to appreciate and enjoy, after the toil and privations which attended upon his earlier years. He is a Reformer in politics. (vol. II, p. 399)

John Godson, deceased, was born in England, and emigrated to Canada in 1839. He at first occupied a farm on Yonge Street, where he continued two years, subsequently purchasing lot 16, concession 10, in King Township, which was then in its wild state. He entered with earnestness and energy into the work of chopping and clearing, and in due time he had the satisfaction of knowing that his earlier labour was receiving recompense. He lived many years to enjoy the fruits of his industry, and in the year 1881 died, leaving a widow and seven children. The children are still living and in prosperous circumstances, but his widow only survived him about one year. Joseph Godson, lot 16, concession 10, is the eldest son of the above and came into possession of the home farm on his father’s demise, which he has since continued to cultivate. He married Anna Atkinson, by whom he has two children, Mary and John Henry. He is a Methodist in religion, and tenders his support to the Reform Party. (vol. II, p. 400)

William Graham, lot 35, concession 10, was born in the year 1849. His father, Donald Graham, emigrated from Scotland in 1840, and coming to Canada settled in King Township, York County, and for the first few years followed his trade of blacksmith, which he afterwards gave up in favour of farming. William received a good Common School education, and until about five years ago remained with his father on the homestead. In 1879 he rented the farm he at present lives on, and his industry and economical habits render it no difficult task to prophesy that prosperity for him is within measureable distance. The maiden name of his wife was Elizabeth McDevitt; they have three children, viz.: Ella Mary, Laura Mabel and Annie Matilda. (vol. II, p. 400)