King Township Residents from A History of Toronto and County of York

Sidney Leonard, merchant, Schomberg, is the son of the late James Leonard, who emigrated from England in 1849 with his family, which consisted of his wife, four sons and two daughters, their names being as follow: Thomas, born 1831; Stephen, born 1835; Sidney, born 1837; William, born 1840; Mary Ann, born 1833 (married to J. McKindless); Ruth, born 1841 (married Robert Winters). Mr. Leonard, sen’r, died in 1867. Sidney, the subject of this sketch, was born in England, and is the fourth in order of his father’s family. He established himself in business at his present location in 1865. Having purchased two and a-half acres of land in the centre of the Village of Schomberg, he forthwith erected the store which he has since continued to occupy, being 24 x 70 feet, with a height of two storeys. He also erected a brick residence in 1883. In addition to his mercantile investment he possesses a farm on lot 29, concession 8 of this township. Mr. Leonard was married in 1865 to Jane, daughter of Alexander Thompson, King Township, by whom he has eight children, viz.: Jennette Ann, born 1867; Sarah Jane, born 1869; James H., born 1872; Florence P., born 1874; Esther C., born 1877; Iva, born 1879; and Lydia, born 1881; Thomson, born 1884. Mr. Leonard is a very enterprising man, and is strictly honourable in all his dealings. (vol. II, p. 406)

Joel Lloyd, lot 31, concession 9, is the son of Jesse Lloyd, who emigrated from Pennsylvania, U.S., to Canada in 1812. Mr. Lloyd, sen’r, came to York County and settled in King Township, where he erected a saw and grist mill where Lloydtown is now located, it being the first mill in this section. He sold out in 1836 and bought lot 34, concession 9. He was not long permitted to remain on his newly acquired property, for, on the breaking out of the Mackenzie Rebellion a year later, he threw himself heart and soul into the movement. During the subsequent events, when the ring-leaders were either escaping or being captured, he with Thomas Brown succeeded in reaching the United States in safety, a large reward being at the time offered for their capture, dead or alive. He died during his exile at the age of fifty-three years. Joel Lloyd was born in 1822 at Whitchurch, where he received such an education as the Common schools at that time afforded. He remained with his parents until he reached man’s estate, and then settled on a part of lot 34, concession 9, King Township, which is still his residence. He married in 1847 Elizabeth, daughter of James C. Gray, of Simcoe County, by whom he has four children, viz.: Sarah, Libbie, Emma and Edwin. His first wife dying, he took another in the person of Miss Eliza Mainprize; the issue of this marriage is one child, Florence L., born 1882. He is a Reformer in politics, and attends the Methodist Church. (vol. II, p. 406)

Nelson Lloyd, lot 35, concession 12, is the son of Joseph Lloyd, who emigrated from Pennsylvania, U.S., at an early date. He settled in York County, and died in the year 1880. Nelson was born in King Township in the year 1841, and worked with his father on the farm until twenty-five years of age. After receiving a fair education he commenced school teaching in the year 1868, and taught thirteen years. In 1870 he was married to Mary Campbell; they have a family of three children: Minnie, Bertha and Mary. In 1881 he bought his present home. He has been generally very prosperous. (vol. II, p. 407)

William Lloyd, second son of Jesse Lloyd, lot 33, concession 9, was born in Lloydtown in 1830. In early life he acquired a Common-school education, and in due time enjoyed the honour of retaining the old family homestead, and has been very successful in life. He married Miss Jane Gray, daughter of James C. Gray, one of the oldest and most respected families in the county. The issue of this marriage is seven children, viz.: Albert W., Martha J., Alfred L., Rachel A., Lavina H., Eliza A. and Mary Etta. (vol. II, p. 407)

Joseph Lynn, postmaster, Linton P.O., was born in Ireland in 1826. He is second son of John Lynn, and brother to William Lynn, mentioned elsewhere. He settled in his present locality in 1861, where he fulfils the duties of postmaster in connection with a grocery store. He was married in 1858 to Miss Annie McBain; they have four children, Josephine Amelia, Jane Maria, Frances Adeline and John Alexander. (vol. II, p. 407)

William Lynn, lot 28, concession 8, was born in Ireland in 1828, and came with his father and family to Canada in 1842. His father’s family consisted of four sons, James, Joseph, John and William (the subject of the present sketch). He received a Common-school education, which he improved by teaching school for a short time. He now retains the farm originally in the possession of his father. He is in religion a Presbyterian, and in politics gives his support to the Conservative Party. (vol. II, p. 408)

John McCarroll, lot 35, concession 7 of King, was born in Ireland in 1825, being the son of the late John McCarroll, who emigrated to Canada in 1840, and settling in West Gwillimbury Township, died there, after twenty-five years residence, at the good old age of eighty-seven years. John came to this country with his parents, and for about six years worked out as hired man. He subsequently bought a farm in concession 11 of King Township, and later on purchased the farm where he now resides. By perseverance, industry and thrift, he has accumulated a fair amount of this world’s goods, which he now enjoys in the companionship of his wife and children. He married in 1846 Mary Bell, of Ireland; they had nine children, of whom seven are still living, viz.: John, born in 1847; Margaret, born 1849; Elizabeth, born 1851; Sarah, born 1852; Mary, born 1853; William, born 1855 and Rachel, born 1857. Mr. McCarroll is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and is a Conservative in politics. (vol. II, p. 408)

Andrew McClure was born near Belfast, Ireland, in 1815, and emigrated to Canada in 1836. He worked as hired man the first four years of his residence in York County, and in 1840 bought a bush farm, which he cleared and subsequently cultivated. On his first arrival here he was without means, but by hard work and strict attention to details, success has crowned his efforts, and he has accumulated quite a handsome property. He was married to Mary Ann Hamilton, daughter of Andrew Hamilton, by whom he had twelve children; eight are now living as follow: Mary A., John, Andrew, James H., Jane J., Elizabeth, Samuel and William. Andrew McClure, son of the above, was born in Vaughan in 1841, and inherited his present residence, lot 9, concession 7, King Township, from his father, which contains two hundred acres. He was married in 1870 to Miss Elizabeth Bryson, daughter of James Bryson; they have six children: Andrew, James, Jane, Mary A., Alexandra and Norman. Mr. McClure is in religion a Presbyterian, and in politics supports the Conservative Party. (vol. II, p. 408)

William McDevitt, lot 23, concession 9, was born in Ireland in 1821, being the son of James McDevitt, of County Derry, Ireland. His mother was Martha Parkhill, who is a native of Ireland. Our subject is one of three children, and began life as a shoemaker. He was married in 1850 to Mary Jane Morrison, of Irish birth, by whom he has nine children, six daughters and three sons. He is a Presbyterian in religion. (vol. II, p. 408)

Archibald McGill, lot 24, concession 6, was born in Scotland in 1814, and came with his father to Canada in 1834. His father, William McGill, located on lot 13, concession 7 of King Township, but only lived five years after his arrival, having died in 1839. Although only a comparatively short time in this country, his excellent knowledge of farming prevailed over the obstacles and general crude state of things, which always exist in a new settlement, and his career, though limited, was one of unqualified success. Archibald worked at home on the homestead for several years, and in 1865 removed to the above farm purchased by his son Dugald some time previous. He is connected with St. Andrew’s Church, and belongs to the Reform Party. He married in 1838 Charlotte McMillan of Scotland, by whom he has seven children living, viz.: William, Dugald, Duncan, Margaret, Katharine, Sarah and Charlotte. (vol. II, p. 409)

John McMillan, deceased, was a native of Ireland, and came to Canada in 1818. He purchased some bush land in King Township, York County, on which he located, and having cleared it he put it in a good state of cultivation, and was in the end very prosperous. He died in 1882, leaving a valuable estate to his widow and seven children. John McMillan, merchant, Eversley P.O., son of the above, was born in Vaughan Township in 1859. After receiving but a limited education, he assisted his father on the farm, but eventually gave up agricultural pursuits and adopted the business of general merchant. He took possession of his present premises in 1883, where he is doing a thriving trade, and in addition fulfils the duties of Postmaster. He married Miss Haile, of Vaughan Township. He is a Methodist in religion, and a Conservative in politics. (vol. II, p. 409)

Archibald McMurchy, lot 12, concession 5, was born in 1817, and emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1841. On his arrival he hired out for three years, and then purchased his present farm, which at the beginning he had to clear. He has since placed it under fine cultivation, and has added to his original purchase one hundred acres. He also bought one hundred acres in Simcoe County, which is now the residence of his son, John McMurchy. He has also two hundred acres in Huron County, the residence of his sons Donald and Alexander, both of whom have families. This fine property has not been got together without labour and economy, and Mr. McMurchy is to be congratulated on his successful endeavours in this respect. He was married in 1845 to Jane Cameron, daughter of Donald Cameron, one of the early settlers of York, by whom he had twelve children; eleven of whom are living, viz.: Donald, Alexander, Annie, Archie, John, Peter, Elizabeth, Neil, Jane, Catharine and Duncan. Mr. McMurchy is a Presbyterian in religion, and in politics votes Reform. (vol. II, p. 409)

John Malloy, lot 5, concession 8, is the son of John Malloy, of Vaughan Township, where he was born in 1845. He purchased his present farm in 1876, in which year he also married Flora Malloy, daughter of Malcolm Malloy; they have two children, Sarah and Archibald. Mr. Malloy is a Methodist in religion, and a Conservative in politics. (vol. II, p. 410)

James Mosley, lot 20, concession 1, is the son of Thomas Mosley, a native of Kent, England, who emigrated to Canada, and taking up his residence in little York, was one of the first settlers engaged in the mercantile business on King Street East. Mr. Mosely, sen’r, was subsequently appointed Government Auctioneer, which position he filled for some length of time. He died in Toronto after a successful career. James was born in Toronto, March 5, 1818, and received the only education which the schools at that time afforded. He began business in the store of his brother on King Street as clerk; but, becoming tired of store-keeping, he moved from the city on to the farm in King Township which constitutes his present residence. He has one hundred and four acres of good agricultural land, and in addition to crop raising he takes a great delight in the breeding of good horses, having received at various times prizes for the best roadsters and other classes of stock. Our subject was married in 1858 to a Miss Davis (a connection of an old pioneer family). The issue of their union was five children, of whom three only are living: John, Minnie and James E. Mr. Mosley belongs to the Episcopal Church, and is a Conservative in politics. (vol. II, p. 410)

William Mulock, M.P., was born at Bond Head, Simcoe County, in 1844, being the son of Thomas Homan Mulock, M.D., T.C.D., formerly of King’s County, Ireland, who settled in Canada about 1830. Mr. Mulock was educated at the Newmarket Grammar School and University of Toronto, graduating at the latter institution in 1863, when he obtained the gold medal in the Department of Modern Languages. Having been called to the Bar in 1868 he has since practised his profession in Toronto. His wife is Sarah Ellen Cawthra, daughter of James Crowther, barrister, of Toronto, and by whom he has five children now living, namely: William, Edith, Sarah, Ethel and Cawthra. Mr. Mulock is a Liberal in politics, and was elected to the Commons of Canada to represent North York in 1882. (vol. II, p. 410)

Robert Norman, lot 6, concession 3, was born in England in 1818, and came to Canada with his parents in 1833, who both died the year subsequent to their arrival. Robert worked as hired hand for about twelve months, and then rented a farm for a number of years. In 1862 he acquired by purchase his present farm on lot 6, concession 3. He was married in 1842 to Miss Elizabeth Wells, daughter of Mr. John Wells, an old settler, who served in the War of 1812. They had ten children, seven of whom are living, viz.: Charles, John, George, William, Maria, Isabella and Mary. Mr. Norman is a member of the Baptist Church, and is a Reformer in politics. (vol. II, p. 411)