The Ultimate Hipster Guide to Toronto

Toronto, the trendy city of Canada, has become a popular destination for hipsters from all over the world. With its vibrant alternative scene and diverse culture, this city offers a unique experience unlike any other. Whether you’re a hipster looking to explore the latest trends, or simply curious about the hipster’s perspective of Toronto, this guide is for you.

One of the best ways to tour Toronto like a true hipster is to ditch the typical tourist attractions and instead seek out the alternative spots that the city has to offer. From independent coffee shops and vintage clothing stores, to underground art galleries and live music venues, there is no shortage of hidden gems to discover. Embrace the local arts and culture scene by attending a poetry slam or checking out the latest indie film at a hipster-friendly theater.

For the foodie hipster, Toronto has an abundance of unique and trendy dining options. Try out the latest food trends like avocado toast or gourmet donuts, or indulge in a vegan feast at one of the city’s many plant-based restaurants. Don’t forget to snap a photo of your picturesque meal before taking a bite, because let’s face it – presentation is everything in the hipster world.

Explore the Hipster Neighborhoods

When visiting Toronto, make sure to take a tour of the city’s hipster neighborhoods. These areas are known for their alternative and trendy vibes, making them the perfect destination for any hipster looking to explore Toronto’s unique charm.

Queen Street West

One of the hipster’s favorite neighborhoods is Queen Street West. This vibrant area is filled with trendy boutiques, art galleries, and indie music venues. Take a stroll down Queen Street and discover the alternative fashion stores and vintage shops that line the streets. Don’t forget to grab a cup of artisanal coffee and try some locally sourced, organic food at one of the many hip restaurants.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is another must-visit neighborhood for any hipster in Toronto. This eclectic and diverse area is known for its bohemian atmosphere and vibrant street art. Explore the narrow streets and discover unique shops selling vintage clothing, handmade crafts, and organic produce. Be sure to check out the weekend market where local artists and musicians gather to showcase their talent.

If you’re a fan of craft beer, head to the trendy neighborhood of West Queen West. This area is home to numerous craft breweries that offer a wide selection of unique and flavorful beers. Take a brewery tour and learn about the brewing process while enjoying some delicious samples.

Exploring Toronto’s hipster neighborhoods is a must for anyone seeking a taste of the city’s alternative scene. From Queen Street West to Kensington Market, these areas offer a unique and trendy experience that is sure to impress any hipster. So grab your flannel shirt, put on your vintage sunglasses, and get ready to discover the hipster side of Toronto!

Discover Trendy Coffee Shops

When visiting Toronto, no hipster’s tour guide would be complete without a trip to the city’s trendiest coffee shops. Whether you’re an alternative coffee connoisseur or just looking for a unique caffeine fix, Toronto has a wealth of options to satisfy your hipster cravings.

Start your day with a visit to one of the hipster-approved coffee spots in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods. Queen Street West is home to some of the coolest coffee shops in town, offering a mix of locally roasted beans, unique brewing methods, and cozy atmospheres. Make sure to try a pour-over or a Chemex brew for a truly exceptional coffee experience.

For a more laid-back vibe, head over to the trendy neighborhood of Kensington Market. Here, you’ll find an array of eclectic coffee shops that cater to the hipster crowd. From quirky decor to vegan-friendly options, these coffee spots are all about embracing the alternative side of Toronto’s café scene.

If you’re in search of the trendiest coffee shop in the city, look no further than the Distillery District. This up-and-coming area is known for its hip atmosphere and artisanal coffee shops that serve up some of the most Instagrammable beverages around. Just be prepared to wait in line for your latte art masterpiece!

Don’t forget to venture off the beaten path and explore the hidden gems of Toronto’s coffee scene. From cozy neighborhood nooks to hole-in-the-wall cafés, you never know what kind of coffee magic you’ll stumble upon. Take your time to wander the streets, and let your inner coffee hipster guide you to the perfect cup of joe.

With its diverse range of coffee shops, Toronto truly has something for every hipster coffee lover. So grab your flannel shirt, your favorite vinyl records, and embark on the ultimate caffeine-fueled adventure through the city’s trendy coffee scene.

Indulge in Artisanal Food

If you’re a hipster looking for alternative dining experiences in Toronto, you’re in luck! The city is home to a thriving artisanal food scene that caters to the trendiest tastes.

A great way to explore the local culinary offerings is to go on a hipster food tour. These guided tours take you to the best artisanal food spots in the city, allowing you to indulge in unique and locally sourced dishes. From organic farm-to-table restaurants to quirky food trucks, the options are endless.

One popular destination for hipster foodies is the Kensington Market. This vibrant and eclectic neighborhood boasts a variety of independent eateries serving up delicious and unique dishes. Here, you can find everything from vegan bakeries to gourmet cheese shops.

Another must-visit spot for any hipster in Toronto is the St. Lawrence Market. This iconic market is home to a wide array of food vendors offering fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and mouthwatering desserts. You can browse the stalls, sample the goods, and chat with the passionate food artisans.

If you’re craving something sweet, head over to Kensington Market’s hipster dessert hotspot, “Sweet Bliss”. This cozy café specializes in handmade pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. Their ever-changing menu features unique flavor combinations and Instagram-worthy presentation.

Area Address Cuisine
Kensington Market 123 Hipster Street Vegan
St. Lawrence Market 456 Artisan Avenue Various
Sweet Bliss 789 Trendy Lane Bakery

So, if you’re a hipster looking for a food adventure in Toronto, don’t miss out on the city’s thriving artisanal food scene. Guided food tours, trendy neighborhoods, and unique eateries await you!

Visit Vintage Clothing Stores

As a hipster in Toronto, you can’t miss out on exploring the city’s vibrant vintage clothing scene. Whether you’re looking for unique pieces to add to your wardrobe or simply enjoying the nostalgic atmosphere, Toronto has a variety of trendy vintage stores that cater to every hipster’s taste.

Queen Street West

If you want to immerse yourself in the alternative fashion scene, head over to Queen Street West. This neighborhood is known for its eclectic mix of shops, and you’ll find an array of vintage clothing stores scattered throughout. Be prepared to spend hours exploring the racks, as each store offers its own unique selection of retro finds.

Kensington Market

A visit to Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Kensington Market. This bohemian neighborhood is a hub for artists, musicians, and of course, vintage lovers. Here, you’ll find an abundance of indie vintage stores that offer everything from 60s dresses to 90s grunge. Don’t forget to wander through the market’s narrow streets and alleyways to discover hidden gems.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for authentic vintage designer pieces, make sure to check out the higher-end vintage stores in the city. While they might come with a higher price tag, the quality and uniqueness of the items make it worth the investment.

So, grab your tote bag and embark on a hipster tour of Toronto’s vintage clothing stores. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individuality and style.

Check Out Independent Bookstores

If you’re a bookworm hipster visiting Toronto, you’re in luck! The city has a vibrant and thriving indie bookstore scene that’s perfect for your alternative and trendy tastes. Here are some must-visit spots for the hipster’s guide to Toronto.

1. Type Books

Located in the hipster neighborhood of Queen West, Type Books is a beloved independent bookstore that offers a curated selection of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The store is known for its cozy atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, who are always ready to recommend the latest and greatest reads. Don’t forget to check out their trendy collection of stationery and book-related merchandise.

2. Ben McNally Books

Tucked away in the Financial District, Ben McNally Books is a hidden gem for book lovers. The store specializes in literature, art, design, and architecture books, making it a haven for the artsy hipster. The high ceilings, elegant decor, and impressive collection of signed first editions create a unique and sophisticated ambiance that’s sure to appeal to any book aficionado.

3. Another Story Bookshop

Located in the multicultural neighborhood of Roncesvalles, Another Story Bookshop is committed to promoting social justice and diversity through literature. This alternative bookstore offers a wide range of books on topics such as feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-racism, and global politics. The store also hosts frequent author events and book club meetings, creating a sense of community that’s perfect for the socially conscious hipster.

So, if you’re looking for a break from the mainstream and want to support local businesses, be sure to add these independent bookstores to your hipster’s tour of Toronto. Happy reading!

Experience Live Music Scene

When it comes to the trendiest live music scene in Toronto, the ultimate hipster’s guide has got you covered. Toronto is known for its vibrant and diverse music scene, catering to all tastes and genres. From mainstream to alternative, there’s always something for every hipster in the city.

To experience the best live music in Toronto, start by checking out the city’s iconic venues. The Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace are legendary spots that have hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry. These venues are not only a great place to catch live performances, but they also have a rich history that adds to the overall experience.

For the hipster’s alternative taste, there are plenty of smaller venues that showcase up-and-coming artists. The Drake Underground and The Garrison are known for their intimate settings and eclectic lineup. These venues often feature indie bands and underground acts that you won’t find in mainstream music venues.

One of the highlights of the live music scene in Toronto is the annual North by Northeast (NXNE) festival. This event takes place in multiple venues across the city and brings together a wide range of emerging and established artists. It’s a great opportunity to discover new music and experience the vibrant energy of Toronto’s music community.

Another must-visit spot for any hipster looking for live music in Toronto is Kensington Market. This vibrant neighborhood is home to a number of cafes, bars, and record stores that regularly host live performances. From small acoustic sets to full-band shows, Kensington Market offers a unique and intimate experience for music lovers.

So, whether you’re a local looking to explore the live music scene or a visitor wanting to immerse yourself in Toronto’s hipster culture, this guide has you covered. With its diverse venues, eclectic lineups, and vibrant atmosphere, Toronto’s live music scene is sure to leave you wanting more.

Find Street Art Gems

As a trendy and alternative guide to Toronto, no hipster’s tour of the city would be complete without exploring the vibrant street art scene. Toronto is home to an incredible array of street art, from colorful murals to thought-provoking graffiti.

One of the best ways to discover these hidden gems is to take a street art tour. These tours are led by knowledgeable guides who can provide insights into the artists, their inspirations, and the meaning behind their work. They will take you to the most popular street art locations as well as hidden spots that only the locals know about.

When exploring Toronto’s street art, keep an eye out for some of the city’s most renowned artists, such as Uber5000, Birdo, and Denial. Their distinctive styles and unique perspectives have helped shape the city’s street art scene and make it the vibrant and diverse landscape it is today.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just appreciate the beauty of urban creativity, Toronto’s street art scene is sure to impress. Take your time to explore the city’s laneways and alleys, and you’ll be rewarded with a visual feast of colors, patterns, and messages that reflect the spirit of the city.

Remember to be respectful when admiring street art and always ask for permission before taking photos of private property. Street art is a form of expression that adds character to the city, and it’s important to show appreciation for the artists and their work.

In conclusion, add a street art tour to your Toronto itinerary to discover the hidden gems that reflect the soul of the city. Immerse yourself in the trendy and alternative world of Toronto’s street art scene, and you’ll gain a unique perspective on the vibrant and ever-evolving culture of the city.

Join a Yoga Class

As a hipster, exploring the trendy and alternative side of Toronto is a must. One of the best ways to dive into the hipster’s spirit is to join a yoga class. Yoga has become an integral part of the alternative scene in the city, offering an opportunity to connect with your inner self and chill out in a unique way.

Why Choose Yoga?

Yoga is not just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about finding balance, both physically and mentally. In a city like Toronto, where the pace can be fast and hectic, yoga provides a serene oasis of calm and tranquility. It allows you to escape the chaos and find inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to Go?

Toronto is home to a variety of yoga studios that cater to the hipster crowd. One of the most popular ones is “The Om Factory.” It’s the perfect place to join a class and immerse yourself in the hipster vibe. The studio offers a wide range of classes, from Vinyasa Flow to Kundalini, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Another great option is “YogaTree,” a studio with a strong community and a welcoming atmosphere. They offer classes for all levels, making it the ideal place for beginners and seasoned yogis alike.


If you’re looking to add a touch of zen to your hipster tour of alternative Toronto, joining a yoga class is a must. Not only will you get to experience the trendy side of the city, but you’ll also have the chance to find harmony and balance within yourself. So roll out your mat and prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery in the hippest way possible.

Remember to bring your own mat and wear your most stylish leggings!

Attend a Craft Beer Tasting

As a hipster’s guide to Toronto, it is essential to experience the trendy craft beer scene that the city has to offer. Toronto has become a hub for craft breweries, with a wide range of breweries offering unique and delicious beer options.

To truly immerse yourself in the hipster beer culture, attend a craft beer tasting tour in Toronto. These tours are a great way to sample some of the city’s best craft beers while learning about the brewing process and the different flavors and styles of beer.

During the tour, you’ll visit multiple breweries and have the opportunity to try a variety of craft beers. Some tours even offer behind-the-scenes access to the brewing facilities, allowing you to see firsthand how these delicious beers are made. The knowledgeable guides will educate you on the history of each brewery and provide insights into the Toronto craft beer scene.

Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of craft beer, attending a craft beer tasting tour is a must for any hipster in Toronto. It’s a chance to discover new flavors, support local businesses, and connect with fellow beer lovers in a unique and trendy way.

Make sure to check out the schedule of upcoming craft beer tasting tours in Toronto and book your spot in advance, as these tours tend to fill up quickly. Get ready to sip, savor, and immerse yourself in the vibrant craft beer culture of Toronto!

Explore Alternative Cinemas

If you’re a hipster looking to experience Toronto’s underground film scene, this guide is just for you! The hipster’s guide to Toronto is filled with unique and trendy destinations, and alternative cinemas are definitely worth exploring.

What sets these alternative cinemas apart from the mainstream movie theaters is their commitment to showcasing independent and unconventional films. You won’t find the latest Hollywood blockbusters here. Instead, you’ll be treated to a diverse selection of thought-provoking documentaries, foreign art films, and cult classics. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of indie cinema.

One of the must-visit alternative cinemas in Toronto is the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. This cinema is part of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and is dedicated to screening documentary films throughout the year. They also host special events and workshops, making it a hub for documentary enthusiasts.

Another favorite among hipsters is the The Royal Cinema. Located in the heart of Little Italy, this historic theater showcases a mix of independent films, classics, and cult favorites. The beautifully restored interiors add to the overall charm of the cinema, making it a popular destination for film buffs.

If you’re into retro films and vintage aesthetics, don’t miss out on The Revue Cinema. This century-old cinema has a unique charm that transports you back in time. They often host themed movie nights, screenings of classic films, and even live performances. It’s the perfect place to indulge in nostalgia while watching a great film.

Lastly, for those seeking something truly alternative, check out The Royal Cinema or The Fox Theatre. These cinemas serve as event venues for film festivals and immersive movie experiences. You might find yourself watching a film while sitting on a bean bag chair or enjoying a themed cocktail. It’s an opportunity to step out of the box and immerse yourself in a different kind of movie-going experience.

So, grab your hipster friends, put on your vintage clothes, and embark on an alternative cinema tour of Toronto. You’re sure to discover hidden gems and expand your horizons in the world of film.

Discover Unique Nightlife Spots

As a hipster, you thrive on finding alternative and trendy places that offer a unique experience. Toronto has a thriving nightlife scene that caters to hipsters, offering a wide range of options for those seeking something different. Whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, this guide is here to give you a tour of some of the best nightlife spots in the city.

1. The Dakota Tavern: Located in the heart of the hipster’s paradise, Queen Street West, The Dakota Tavern is a must-visit spot. This alternative music venue hosts live bands and serves up delicious comfort food. With its rustic decor and cozy atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to kick back with a locally-brewed craft beer and enjoy some great tunes.

2. The Midfield Wine Bar & Tavern: If you’re looking for a trendy spot that combines a wine bar with a pub atmosphere, The Midfield is the place to be. Located in the hipster-friendly neighborhood of Dundas West, this unique establishment offers an extensive wine list and an impressive selection of local craft beers. With its cozy patio and intimate setting, it’s the perfect spot for a casual night out with friends.

3. The Shameful Tiki Room: Step into a retro, tiki-themed paradise at The Shameful Tiki Room. This hidden gem is a hipster’s dream come true, with its tropical decor and exotic cocktails. Located in Parkdale, this unique bar offers a wide range of delicious drinks, including their signature punch bowls. Grab a group of friends and embark on a memorable night filled with tropical vibes.

4. Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret Lounge: For a night of live music and dancing, head over to Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret Lounge. This alternative music venue offers a unique nightlife experience with its rock ‘n’ roll theme and eclectic lineup of bands. Located in the hipster-friendly Kensington Market neighborhood, this spot is perfect for those looking to dance the night away to some great tunes.

5. Handlebar: Located in the trendy Kensington Market neighborhood, Handlebar is a hipster’s paradise. This unique bar offers a laid-back atmosphere, with its vintage decor and cozy patio. Known for its craft beer selection and live music, it’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends. Don’t forget to check out the rotating art exhibits that adorn the walls.

These are just a few of the many unique nightlife spots that Toronto has to offer. So grab your friends, put on your most stylish outfit, and get ready to explore the alternative side of Toronto’s nightlife scene.

Visit Hipster-Friendly Parks

When visiting Toronto, it’s essential to explore all the trendy and alternative spots the city has to offer. One great way to immerse yourself in the hipster culture is by visiting the many hipster-friendly parks scattered throughout the city. These parks provide the perfect blend of nature, creativity, and relaxation for the hipster tourist.

One of the top parks to visit is Trinity Bellwoods Park. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, this park offers a vibrant atmosphere with its beautiful green spaces and trendy surroundings. You can join the locals and hipsters alike for a game of frisbee or catch some sun on the grassy fields. And don’t forget to check out the park’s iconic white squirrel population – a symbol of Toronto’s hipster culture.

If you’re looking for a more calm and serene environment, make sure to add High Park to your hipster tour of Toronto. This large park offers numerous walking trails, gardens, and even a small zoo. You can also rent a paddleboat and explore the tranquil Grenadier Pond. With its picturesque scenery and peaceful ambiance, High Park provides the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Another hipster-friendly park you don’t want to miss is Dufferin Grove Park. Known for its alternative community events and farmer’s market, this park is a hub for the local hipster scene. Grab a coffee and some fresh pastries from the market and enjoy a picnic on the park’s picnic tables. You can also join in on one of the park’s many activities, such as yoga classes or open-air film screenings.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out Graffiti Alley, a unique outdoor space located between Queen Street West and Richmond Street. This narrow street is filled with vibrant and colorful street art, making it a favorite spot for hipsters and urban artists. Take a stroll through this ever-changing gallery and capture some Instagram-worthy photos along the way.

Toronto offers a plethora of trendy and alternative parks that are perfect for any hipster tourist. Whether you’re looking to relax in serene surroundings or immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture, visiting these hipster-friendly parks is a must-do on your Toronto hipster guide tour.

Take a Photo Walk

As a hipster in Toronto, you definitely want to capture the essence of the city’s trendy and alternative vibes. One way to do that is by taking a photo walk through some of the hipster hotspots in Toronto. This unique tour will not only allow you to explore the city but also provide you with the perfect opportunity to enhance your Instagram game.

Your tour starts at Kensington Market, a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood known for its vintage shops, local markets, and street art. Grab your camera and immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere as you stroll through the colorful streets. Capture the quirky storefronts, funky graffiti, and the diverse mix of people that give this neighborhood its unique character.

Next, head to Queen Street West, which is often referred to as the hipster capital of Toronto. This stretch of road is lined with independent boutiques, art galleries, and hip cafes. Take photos of the trendy window displays, snap shots of the fashionable locals, and don’t forget to photograph the famous “Graffiti Alley,” a vibrant alleyway filled with ever-changing street art.

Continue your photo walk by exploring the Distillery District, a former industrial area that has been transformed into a hub for art, culture, and entertainment. The Victorian-era brick buildings provide a captivating backdrop for your photos, and the pedestrian-only streets offer endless opportunities for capturing the hipster vibe. Don’t miss the outdoor sculptures and art installations scattered throughout the district.

Wrap up your photo walk at Trinity Bellwoods Park, a favorite hangout spot for Toronto’s hipster community. This urban park is not only beautiful but also offers plenty of photo-worthy opportunities. Capture the vibrant colors of the park’s flower beds, snap shots of people lounging on the grass, and don’t forget to get a selfie with the iconic white squirrel that calls the park home.

Remember to bring your hipster’s alternative guide to Toronto with you for additional pointers and recommendations. Get ready to discover the city’s hidden gems and capture the essence of Toronto’s hipster scene on your photo walk adventure.

Try Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

If you’re a trendy hipster visiting Toronto, you should definitely take a tour of the city’s alternative food scene. Toronto is known for its diverse culinary options, and the vegan and vegetarian restaurant scene is no exception.

Alternative Eats

From innovative plant-based dishes to creative vegan comfort food, Toronto’s vegan and vegetarian restaurants offer a unique dining experience for the hipster foodie. These establishments often use organic, locally sourced ingredients and strive to provide eco-friendly dining options.

The Hipster’s Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Food

When it comes to vegan and vegetarian food, Toronto has it all. Whether you’re a die-hard vegan or just looking to explore alternative cuisine, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your cravings:

  • Grasshopper
  • Planta Queen
  • Fresh Restaurant
  • Apiecalypse Now!
  • LOV

These restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, from hearty burgers and pizzas to fresh salads and innovative small plates. You’ll find a mix of comfort food and health-conscious options, all prepared with a hipster twist.

So, if you’re craving some delicious vegan or vegetarian fare, be sure to check out these trendy spots on your next visit to Toronto. Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll be supporting the growing alternative food movement in the city.

Attend Vintage Flea Markets

If you’re a hipster visiting Toronto, make sure to add vintage flea markets to your must-see list. These markets are the perfect destination for the alternative and trendy crowd. You’ll find a wide range of unique and one-of-a-kind treasures that will add that extra hipster touch to your wardrobe or living space.

Exploring Toronto’s Vintage Scene

Toronto is home to a vibrant vintage scene, with flea markets and vintage shops scattered throughout the city. Exploring these markets will give you a glimpse into the city’s rich history and diverse culture.

A Hipster’s Paradise

For the hipster crowd, vintage flea markets provide an endless array of options. You’ll find everything from vintage clothing and accessories to retro furniture and home decor. These markets cater to the alternative tastes of the hipster community, offering a curated selection of items that you won’t find in mainstream stores.

Whether you’re looking for a unique statement piece to complete your outfit or searching for a vintage vinyl record to add to your collection, Toronto’s vintage flea markets have got you covered.

  • Check out the Kensington Flea Market – Located in the trendy Kensington Market neighborhood, this flea market offers a mix of vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, and unique art pieces.
  • Visit the Leslieville Flea – If you’re on the east side of Toronto, make sure to swing by the Leslieville Flea. This market features a rotating lineup of vendors selling vintage clothing, antiques, and collectibles.
  • Don’t miss the Arts Market – Located in the vibrant Queen West neighborhood, the Arts Market is a must-visit for any hipster. This market showcases the work of local artists and designers, with a focus on vintage and upcycled items.

Attending these vintage flea markets will not only give you the opportunity to find unique items, but also to support local businesses and artists. It’s a win-win situation for any hipster exploring Toronto!

Join a Vinyl Record Club

If you’re a music-loving hipster in Toronto, be sure to join a vinyl record club on your visit. These clubs are a trendy way to discover and enjoy music in its most authentic form. Not only will you find a wide selection of records, but you’ll also get the opportunity to connect with fellow music enthusiasts and discover new artists.

These vinyl record clubs in Toronto cater to all types of musical preferences. Whether you’re into indie rock, jazz, or even obscure genres, there’s a club out there for you. As part of the club, you’ll have access to a curated collection of records and the chance to participate in exclusive events, such as listening parties and live performances.

Joining a vinyl record club is a unique and alternative way to explore the music scene in Toronto. Instead of relying on digital playlists, you’ll have the chance to browse through shelves of vinyl and discover hidden gems. Whether you’re a serious collector or simply enjoy the warm sound of vinyl, these clubs offer an experience that can’t be replicated.

So, if you’re a hipster looking for a different kind of music tour in Toronto, joining a vinyl record club should be at the top of your list. Immerse yourself in the hipster’s paradise of Toronto and discover the city’s vibrant music scene in a whole new way.

Experience a Pop-Up Shop

As a hipster in Toronto, you’re always on the lookout for unique and alternative experiences. One thing you can’t miss on your tour of hipster Toronto is visiting a pop-up shop. These temporary stores are the epitome of hipster culture, offering limited-edition products, vintage finds, and a curated selection of alternative goods.

Pop-up shops in Toronto are known for their eclectic mix of merchandise, ranging from handmade crafts and artisanal goods to vintage clothing and vinyl records. It’s the perfect place to discover hidden gems and support local artists and independent businesses.

What to Expect

When you step into a pop-up shop, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and unique items. The atmosphere is buzzing with creativity and a sense of community, as like-minded individuals gather to explore and appreciate the eclectic offerings.

Each pop-up shop is carefully curated to showcase a specific theme or aesthetic, whether it’s retro nostalgia, urban streetwear, or sustainable fashion. You’ll often find up-and-coming designers, local makers, and vintage collectors sharing their passion and creations with the hipster crowd.

Discover Hidden Gems

One of the best parts of visiting a pop-up shop is the thrill of discovering hidden gems. These one-of-a-kind pieces are often handmade or sourced from independent artists and designers. From quirky home decor to unique fashion statements, you’ll find treasures that can’t be found anywhere else.

Not only will you find unique items, but you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with the creators themselves. Many pop-up shops host meet-and-greet events, allowing you to learn more about the inspiration behind the products and the stories of the artists who brought them to life.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of hipster charm to your Toronto adventure, make sure to include a visit to a pop-up shop in your alternative tour guide of hipster Toronto. It’s an experience that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the vibrant local arts scene.

Discover Independent Art Galleries

Toronto is a city known for its vibrant and diverse art scene, and hipsters looking for alternative spaces to explore will not be disappointed. From galleries showcasing emerging talents to spaces that blur the line between art and fashion, Toronto has something to offer every art lover.

One of the most popular independent art galleries among hipsters in Toronto is “Gallery XYZ”. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Queen West, this gallery features thought-provoking contemporary art and hosts regular exhibitions that push boundaries and challenge traditional definitions of art. The gallery also collaborates with local musicians and poets for live performances, making it a hub for the city’s creative scene.

Another gem in Toronto’s art scene is the “Artisans Collective”. Situated in the heart of the hipster district, this gallery focuses on showcasing unique handmade items and crafts. From jewelry to ceramics to textiles, visitors can discover one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the city’s creative spirit. The gallery also offers workshops and classes where visitors can learn traditional crafting techniques from local artisans.

For those who appreciate street art and graffiti, “Urban Gallery” is a must-visit. This alternative gallery features works by local street artists, giving them a platform to display their talent in a more formal setting. From vibrant murals to stenciled masterpieces, the gallery showcases the diversity and raw energy of Toronto’s street art scene.

“Gallery ABC” is another noteworthy independent art space that caters to the hipster crowd. Known for its focus on contemporary photography, this gallery exhibits bold and innovative works that often challenge conventional notions of photography as an art form. With its minimalist aesthetic and edgy exhibitions, Gallery ABC is a favorite among art enthusiasts looking for unconventional and thought-provoking pieces.

No hipster’s tour of Toronto’s art scene would be complete without a visit to “The Alternative Gallery”. True to its name, this gallery offers a platform for artists working in unconventional mediums and styles. From interactive installations to experimental performances, The Alternative Gallery embraces artistic innovation and aims to redefine the boundaries of what art can be.

With its diverse and thriving art scene, Toronto provides endless opportunities for hipsters to discover and support independent art galleries. Whether you’re looking for thought-provoking contemporary art or unique handmade crafts, the city’s alternative art spaces are sure to inspire and delight. So grab your guidebook, put on your trendiest outfit, and get ready to explore the vibrant world of Toronto’s independent art galleries.

Take a Bike Tour

As a hipster in Toronto, one of the best ways to explore the city is by taking a bike tour. This alternative mode of transportation allows you to see the hipster’s side of Toronto, with its hidden gems and offbeat attractions.

There are several bike tour companies in the city that cater to hipsters, offering unique and curated experiences. These tours will take you through the trendy neighborhoods of Toronto, such as Kensington Market and Queen Street West, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant street art and independent shops.

During the tour, you’ll also get a chance to visit some of Toronto’s hipster-approved coffee shops and craft breweries. You can stop by places like Jimmy’s Coffee or Early Bird Coffee to grab a cup of locally roasted beans, or check out Bellwoods Brewery for some of the best craft beer in the city.

One of the highlights of the bike tour is the visit to Trinity Bellwoods Park, a popular hangout spot for hipsters. You can relax on the grass, enjoy a picnic, or join a game of ultimate frisbee with fellow hipsters. This park is also known for its famous white squirrel population, so keep an eye out for these rare creatures!

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a fun and unique way to explore Toronto, a bike tour is a must for any hipster. So hop on your bike and get ready to discover the alternative side of the city!

Explore Hipster-Friendly Museums

When it comes to trendy and alternative attractions, Toronto has plenty to offer. Hipsters will find a variety of museums that cater to their unique tastes and interests. Whether you’re an art lover, history buff, or simply looking for a unique cultural experience, these hipster-friendly museums are a must-visit on your tour to Toronto.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MOCA, is a popular destination for hipsters looking to explore the city’s thriving art scene. Located in the trendy Junction Triangle neighborhood, this museum showcases cutting-edge contemporary art from local and international artists. With its rotating exhibits and interactive installations, MOCA is a haven for art enthusiasts seeking inspiration and provocation.

The Bata Shoe Museum

If you’re a hipster with a penchant for fashion and design, the Bata Shoe Museum is a must-see in Toronto. Dedicated to the history and culture of footwear, this unique museum houses a vast collection of shoes from different time periods and cultures. From ancient Egyptian sandals to avant-garde designer heels, the Bata Shoe Museum offers an alternative perspective on fashion and style.

These museums are just a glimpse into the hipster’s guide to Toronto. With its thriving art and cultural scene, there are plenty of other alternative attractions to explore. So grab your camera, put on your best vintage outfit, and get ready to discover the hipster side of Toronto like never before!

Join a Street Photography Workshop

If you’re a hipster in Toronto, then you’re probably always on the lookout for alternative and trendy activities. One of the best ways to embrace your inner hipster and explore the city’s vibrant street art scene is by joining a street photography workshop.

Get ready to roam the streets with your camera in hand and capture the essence of Toronto’s thriving street culture. These workshops are led by professional photographers who will guide you through the best spots to find unique and eye-catching visuals. From colourful graffiti to quirky storefronts, you’ll learn how to frame your shots and bring out the beauty in everyday scenes.

Not only will you improve your photography skills, but you’ll also gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s artistic side. You’ll be introduced to local artists and discover hidden gems that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out, a street photography workshop is a great way to meet fellow hipsters and connect with like-minded individuals. Share your passion for capturing the world around you and exchange tips and tricks for getting that perfect shot.

So put on your trendiest outfit, grab your camera, and join a street photography workshop to become the ultimate hipster photographer of Toronto!

Attend a Hipster Film Festival

Toronto, with its vibrant arts scene and alternative culture, offers a variety of hipster film festivals that are sure to please any film lover. Whether you’re a seasoned hipster or just looking to explore the trendy side of Toronto, attending a hipster film festival is a must.

One of the most popular film festivals for hipsters in Toronto is the “Alternative Reels Film Festival”. This annual event showcases independent, underground films that push the boundaries of storytelling and cinematography. From experimental documentaries to thought-provoking dramas, this festival offers a unique cinematic experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

For a more curated selection of films, check out the “Hipster Movie Marathon” organized by the local film society, “CineHipster”. This day-long event features a lineup of obscure cult classics and hidden gems, handpicked by a team of hipster film enthusiasts. Grab a cup of artisanal coffee and immerse yourself in a world of nostalgia and indie charm.

Tips for the Hipster’s Film Festival Tour:

  • Plan Ahead: Many hipster film festivals have limited seating capacity, so make sure to check the festival schedule and buy your tickets in advance.
  • Explore New Genres: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Hipster film festivals often showcase alternative genres and experimental films that challenge traditional storytelling methods.
  • Engage in Discussions: One of the best aspects of film festivals is the opportunity to engage in discussions with fellow film enthusiasts. Share your thoughts, listen to different perspectives, and make connections with like-minded individuals.

Attending a hipster film festival in Toronto is not only a chance to watch unique and thought-provoking films but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the alternative culture of the city. So grab your favorite pair of vintage glasses, hop on your fixed-gear bicycle, and get ready for a cinematic adventure like no other.

Discover Local Craft Distilleries

As a hipster’s guide to Toronto, it’s essential to explore the city’s trendy craft distilleries. These local gems offer a unique and flavorful experience that captures the essence of Toronto’s hipster culture.

There are a variety of craft distilleries scattered throughout Toronto, each with its own distinct personality and offerings. Here are a few notable ones to add to your hipster’s guide:

  • The Spirit of Toronto: Located in the heart of the city, The Spirit of Toronto distillery offers a comprehensive tour of their facility. During the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the art of distilling and sample their range of handcrafted spirits, including small-batch gin, vodka, and whiskey.
  • Artisan Distillers Toronto: This distillery focuses on creating spirits using locally sourced ingredients. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every sip. Take a tour to see their traditional distilling methods in action and taste their selection of carefully crafted liquors.
  • Hipster’s Haven Distillery: True to its name, this distillery embodies the spirit of the hipster culture. From their hand-painted labels to their unconventional flavor profiles, Hipster’s Haven Distillery is a must-visit for any hipster in Toronto. Be sure to try their unique botanical-infused spirits for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Exploring these craft distilleries will not only give you a taste of Toronto’s local flavor but also allow you to support the city’s artisanal spirits scene. So grab your hipster’s guide and embark on a journey to discover the best craft distilleries in Toronto!

Explore LGBTQ+ Friendly Spaces

As a hipster’s guide to Toronto, it’s important to highlight the city’s LGBTQ+ friendly spaces, which are an integral part of its vibrant alternative scene. Toronto is known for its inclusiveness and diversity, making it a welcoming destination for all. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or simply appreciate inclusive spaces, this guide will help you navigate through the city’s LGBTQ+ scene.

Begin your tour with The Village

No exploration of LGBTQ+ friendly spaces in Toronto is complete without a visit to The Village. Located in the Church and Wellesley neighborhood, this vibrant area is the heart of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ community. Here, you’ll find a variety of bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants that cater to all tastes. The lively energy and colorful atmosphere make it the perfect place to immerse yourself in queer culture.

Alternative Spaces Off the Beaten Path

If you’re looking for alternative LGBTQ+ friendly spaces in Toronto, there are options beyond The Village as well. Head to Parkdale, a neighborhood known for its artsy and eclectic vibe. Here, you’ll find a mix of LGBTQ+ owned cafes, galleries, and boutiques. Be sure to check out The Gladstone Hotel, a historical building transformed into a hub for local artists and creatives. This spot often hosts queer events and exhibitions, showcasing the city’s diverse artistic talent.

Another alternative LGBTQ+ friendly space worth exploring is Kensington Market. This bohemian neighborhood is home to independent shops, vintage stores, and quirky cafes. Look out for events like the Kensington Market Art Fair, where you can discover LGBTQ+ artists and their unique creations.

No matter where you choose to go, Toronto’s LGBTQ+ friendly spaces offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. From The Village to alternative neighborhoods, there’s no shortage of places to explore and embrace queer culture in this diverse city.

Join a DIY Workshop

If you’re a hipster in Toronto and looking for a unique and hands-on experience, consider joining a DIY workshop. These workshops give you the opportunity to learn new skills and create something with your own two hands, all while immersing yourself in the alternative scene of Toronto. Whether you’re interested in crafting, woodworking, or even creating your own jewelry, there’s a DIY workshop in Toronto that’s perfect for you.

One popular workshop is located in the heart of Kensington Market, a neighborhood known for its eclectic mix of shops and vibrant atmosphere. Here, you can find a workshop that offers a variety of classes, including screen printing, leatherworking, and even candle making. These workshops are led by local artisans who are passionate about sharing their craft and helping you unleash your creativity.

Screen Printing

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own unique t-shirt or print your own design on paper, a screen printing workshop is the perfect choice for you. In these workshops, you’ll learn how to expose a design onto a screen, mix your own inks, and print your design onto various surfaces. The end result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can proudly wear or display in your home.


For those who enjoy working with their hands and appreciate the beauty of natural materials, a woodworking workshop is a must-try. In these workshops, you’ll learn how to use various tools and techniques to create handmade furniture, home decor, or even small wooden crafts. With the guidance of skilled artisans, you’ll create something truly unique and special that will showcase your own personal style.

So, if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the alternative scene of Toronto and unleash your inner creative spirit, join a DIY workshop. It’s the perfect way to learn new skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and create something that truly reflects your hipster soul.

Attend Underground Music Shows

If you’re tired of the mainstream music scene and want to embrace something alternative, Toronto is the perfect place for you. The city is home to a vibrant underground music scene, offering a plethora of options for music lovers looking to discover new talented artists and bands.

One of the best things about attending underground music shows in Toronto is that you get to experience a different side of the city’s music culture. The venues are often small and intimate, creating an atmosphere that allows you to truly connect with the artists and their music. Whether you’re into indie rock, experimental jazz, or electronic beats, there is an underground show for every taste.

To get started on your alternative tour of Toronto’s music scene, check out some of the city’s trendy venues that are known for hosting underground shows. The The Baby G is a popular spot among hipsters, offering a diverse lineup of local and international acts. If you’re into punk or hardcore music, Sneaky Dee’s is the place to be with its gritty and energetic atmosphere.

Another must-visit venue for any hipster in Toronto is The Velvet Underground. Known for its laid-back vibe and great acoustics, this spot is a favorite among both musicians and fans alike. For a more intimate setting, The Garrison hosts a variety of underground shows, ranging from indie rock to electronic music.

Attending underground music shows is not only a way to discover new and exciting music but also a way to support local artists and be part of the vibrant hipster’s community in Toronto. So grab your friends and immerse yourself in the alternative music scene of this trendy city.

Visit Locally-Owned Breweries

As a hipster, one of the things you should definitely do during your trip to Toronto is to go on a tour of locally-owned breweries. These trendy and alternative establishments are a haven for any hipster looking to experience the unique and eclectic craft beer scene in the city.

Where to Start

If you’re not quite sure where to start your journey, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this guide to the best breweries in Toronto. Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just looking to enjoy a cold one with friends, this guide will help you navigate the hipster’s paradise of craft beer in the city.

Exploring the Breweries

During your tour of Toronto’s locally-owned breweries, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of artisanal beers, from refreshing hoppy IPAs to rich and velvety stouts. Each brewery has its own unique style and flavor profile, so be sure to take your time and explore as many as you can.

Not only will you get to sample some delicious brews, but you’ll also have the chance to meet the passionate and talented brewers behind them. Many of these breweries offer guided tours where you can learn about the brewing process and get an inside look at their operations.

Supporting Local Businesses

By visiting locally-owned breweries, you’re not only indulging in your hipster desires for all things alternative and trendy but also supporting the local economy. These small businesses play a vital role in the community, providing jobs and contributing to the vibrant culture of the city.

Brewery Location
The Indie Brew Co. 123 Main Street
Hopster Brewery 456 Elm Avenue
Artisan Ales 789 Oak Road
The Urban Hop House 987 Willow Lane

These are just a few of the many breweries you can explore during your time in Toronto. So grab your plaid shirt and thick-rimmed glasses and embark on a hipster’s journey through the unique and flavorful world of locally-owned breweries in Toronto.

Join a Vintage Car Club

If you’re a hipster visiting Toronto, why not immerse yourself in the city’s alternative and trendy culture by joining a vintage car club? Toronto has a vibrant community of vintage car enthusiasts who love to show off their classic rides and explore the city in style.

Joining a vintage car club is not only a great way to experience Toronto from a different perspective, but it also allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for vintage cars. You can participate in organized tours and events that take you to some of the city’s most iconic and hidden spots, all while cruising in a beautiful classic car.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply appreciate the aesthetic appeal of vintage automobiles, joining a vintage car club in Toronto is an exciting and unique way to explore the city. So put on your vintage-inspired outfit, buckle up, and embark on a hipster’s guide to Toronto that combines alternative culture, trendy experiences, and a tour of the city’s streets.